Thursday, January 20, 2011

A fresh start yet again

Wow...2011 already. This year really flew by. I let this go as I was adjusting to my changes in circumstances - losing my job, having another child and being a mom now to 2 beautiful daughters.

As I did last year, here is my review of 2010...

January - got a BFP!!! Due October 11, 2010.
February - Did you know morning sickness does NOT occur only in the morning? It's more difficult this time around as I am running after an almost 2 year old.
March - The one year anniversary of my grandmothers death. Do you ever get over it?
April - Well the time has come. Ater 11 years, I have to pack up my desk, hand over my duties and turn in my security badge. The one that has the picture I took on the first day I walked through the doors. My last week was weird. I had jury duty and ended up on a case. I went to work on Tuesday knowing that I had to report on Wednesday at the courthouse. I was not expecting to get on a case - I was pregnant, my DH is a Corrections Officer in the same county that I had to report, and after that Friday, I would the primary caretaker of a 2 year old. Wouldn't you know it - I got picked right away and the case was only supposed to through Friday. I couldn't get out of it. The case was fine, but I missed my last three days of work. I didn't a luncheon or even a goodbye celebration.
May - DD turns 2. We had beautiful weather as was able to have her party in our backyard.
June - Enjoyed the summer days with my daughter
July - I turned 37 :(
August - Practically on bedrest. This pregnancy is taking a toll on me and my hips
September - DD makes her appearance two weeks early. She was born September 27, 2010 at 11:56PM via c-section.
October - Now I have 2 to take care of? How do people do this!
November - (see October)
December - (see November)

Now onto a brand new year and a new start.

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