Thursday, December 31, 2009

I am addicted to cricut

I am in love with my cricut E.

My mom spoiled me rotten for Christmas and bought me an E!!! This is the most amazing cutter in the world.
If you don't know what a cricut is, go here... It is a must have for any scrapbooker, cardmaker or craftster.

If you do have a cricut, you need to visit

She is so amazing and her tutorials are so easy to follow.

I can't wait to start scrapping! I will post pictures of my layouts and cards, especially those that I make using the Big E.

Starting out

Here I am, it's December 31th, 2009 and I am thinking about new beginnings for 2010.

As I look back at 2009, I truly just want to pretend the year did not happen..

January was spent looking at the year with rose colored glasses.
February we buried my Aunt and Uncle within 2 weeks of each other.
March, 4 weeks later, I said goodbye forever to my beloved grandmother at the age of 91. My heart still hearts 9 months later.
April my stepdaughters decided that the rules and responsibilities at our house were too much and they left our house and moved in with their mother. My YSD has not contacted us at all, my DH is devastated.
May was a happy month, my beautiful daughter turned one!
June OSD graduated HS without much fan fare.
July I turned 36. Only 4 years to 40.
August my MIL had a very severe diverticulitis attack and was in the hospital. The infection was so bad that she had emergency surgery and is now on a bag (reversal surgery is scheduled for January).
September went by too fast.
October I was told that my job was being moved to Denver. After 11 years, I am being kicked to the curb at the end of April, 2010.
November was quiet. DH and I decided that beginning in May, I will be a SAHM as long as we can afford it (we are on his benefits). We also decided to try to expand our family. I spend November charting with no results.
December comes Christmas and is spent preparing and shopping. DD is 19 months and the light of my life.

I am happy to see 2009 end.

I will post regularly, although i don't know about what yet. This will probably be only for me as I doubt anyone will care enough to read it.

I have some ideas for 2010 - I have a very small business card making and I want to expand that. I want another child, but I also want to loose 50 pounds. I will probably be babysitting once my job is over to bring in some extra money. There's a lot to think about for the new year.